Service Dog Alerts Family From Miles Away Before Their Diabetic Daughter’s Sugar Levels Drop!

4 Year old Sadie Brooks, is a sweet little girl who has Downs Syndrome and suffers with type 1 Diabetes. Hero is her Service dog and he is also a diabetic alert dog. He senses when Sadie’s blood sugar goes high or low and alerts the family. What is even more incredible is that Hero has alerted the family when Sadie has been miles away at school and her sugar levels were about to become dangerously low. He whined and continued to whine until Sadie’s mom took action, and sure enough within half an hour Sadie was in need of insulin.

Hero is a Labrador Retriever and they are known for their keen sense of smell. He has hundreds of thousands of scent receptors in his nose, and his ability to warn that Sadie needs help from a long distance is pretty incredible. Whether he smells Sadie or is using some other sense his trainer is not sure, but he certainly has been accurate. The bond between Hero and Sadie is so strong and loving it’s touching to watch. It’s obvious these two are a blessing to each other and we look forward to seeing more from them in the future.