Sending Your Daughter The Wrong Message? Maybe! Every Parent Should See This!

This video illustrates the enormous power our words and attitudes can have on the development of our girls. The influence a parent has is profound. Children tend to live up to our expectations, as we reveal them both in our major discussions, and everyday interactions. With 66% of girls saying they enjoy math and science, there is  a weak follow through of only 18% majoring in engineering in college. The percentages should make us parents more mindful of our everyday messages we send to our children. Girls are capable of doing these jobs, and we parents should be encouraging them to pursue  higher paying professions.

My message to my child has always been the sky is the limit. Go ahead get dirty, pick that apart and figure out how it works. Have fun, there is a great big world of science to explore, and don’t let anything, or anyone set limits on your learning, and potential. You are smart believe in yourself! You can do anything once you set your mind on it and persist.

What do you the reader think, of the low percentages of women going into engineering? Please feel free to leave a comment below.