See Why Babies Are Being Dropped Off In A Box And How It Saves Their Lives!

This mans compassion, and love for these babies will bring you to tears! Pastor Lee Jong-Rak knowing that countless numbers of children were being abandoned, and dying, in the streets came up with the idea of the baby box. Rather than being callously just dumped in the streets like disposable garbage, babies are safely put in the box, delivered to him immediately and saved.

South Korea is very conservative, and women who become pregnant out of wedlock are severely shunned. The answer to the whole problem globally is to support, and help women, and children, mentally, financially, and socially, with good government policies that assist them, not shun, or leave them in poverty. What Pastor Lee is doing is what God commands all of us to do. We are supposed to take care of the orphan, helpless, sick, and disabled. They have a basic human right to live just like anyone else! As pastor Lee says about disabled orphans, “they are not the unnecessary ones, God sent them here for a purpose.” Anyone who has ever worked with them might also agree as do I, they are a gift, and teach others what patience, and unconditional love really is.

A movie DVD about the pastors ministry is available to order. A portion of the proceeds will go to help Pastor Lee Jong-Rak’s ministry. I encourage everyone to support his ministry in whatever way they are able, and to reach out to help others in their local community, because this is happening everywhere! Follow this link to order the DVD.