See The Touching Way These Strangers Are Transformed By Hugs Right Before Your Eyes!

While doing Social work and assessing the care needs of a sweet, frail, 80 year old woman she said to me, “could I have a hug, nobody has even so much as touched me in over half a year. I would just love a hug.” On the spot, I burst into tears, my heart went out to this vulnerable, beautiful soul. She was so lonely, and starved for affection. She got hugs every day after that! She actually started to thrive in the nursing home, and did better in all aspects of her life.

Touch is a basic human need we all have! Touch promotes a sense of being nurtured, loved, and bonding. Touch can elevate the mood, and strengthen immunity. Research has said children need at least 8 or more hugs daily to thrive.

When our basic needs are not being met in one area of our lives, we tend to suffer in others too. Sometimes all a person needs is a hug to turn them around, that is why I love this powerful video. After you watch it for a few minutes you can actually feel the love. Notice everyone who gets a hug cannot help but smile, it’s beautiful! The Bible says in Mark 12:31:”Love your neighbor as yourself,” that wisdom is being played out before us in this video showing the obvious benefits of love and touch.