See How This Amputee Dog Impressed Oprah, And Went On To Inspire, & Help Millions Of People.

Faith the dog in this video was rescued from death from her own mother. When she was found her mother was sitting on her trying to suffocate her. Sometimes in Nature an animal will kill their offspring if they know they are not strong enough to survive or they are ill. When Ruben Stringfellow pulled the puppy out from under it’s mother he got a pleading desperate look that said, “please help me.” That look worked, and he took her home.

Ruben and his mum Jude took faith to the vet, and they learned that if faith was to survive she had to start walking on her hind legs upright, or she would develop other serious problems. So they lured her with peanut butter, lots of praise, and treats, as they taught her to walk upright like a human, which was not easy for her, but As you can see she not only walked upright, she even hopped along.

It is amazing how God used this animal, and turned such a sad situation around for good as only he can. Faith is proof every life is important, and has a purpose. Faith has appeared on Oprah, who was impressed with her and said she was, fantastic and a miracle dog. Faith later did numerous other public engagements like welcoming, and encouraging the troops upon arriving home. After living a full life, and inspiring others with disabilities, on September 23, 2014 Faith passed away. Apparently very peacefully, with her mom Jude by her side. Faith by her great example leaves us with a sense of awe, and encouragement, and to persist in life no matter what happens. Rest in peace Faith, you will be missed!