See How This Hero Saved A 2 Year Old, Now He Has A Message To Share With The World.

For Rohan O’Neill it was just another day at the grocery store. He had no idea he would be saving the life of a child that day, until a frantic mother begging for help got his attention. Two year old Shayla was not breathing, and was unresponsive when Rohan stepped in to help. Using skills he had learned years ago in high school saved the toddler. The message he is sharing is to urge everyone to get First Aid, and CPR training. One just never knows when it may be needed, and knowing what to do determines whether a person lives or dies. Children as young as 3 have been known to save peoples lives just by knowing how to dial 911 so please consider enrolling your kids in a course as soon as they are old enough. We here at Faithreel are happy to see Rohan has been nominated for two bravery awards. Well done Rohan!