He Saw Him Walking 10 Miles In The Snow For A Job Interview. What He Did Next Will Melt Your heart!

If all of us did what Roy did in this story we would be living in a much better, very different world! While Roy Bouvier the owner of Papa Roux Restaurant was throwing ice melt on his parking lot, he was approached by a young man for directions. The young man was headed 10 miles west, so he gave him directions urging him to take the bus because of the cold. The young man thanked him and kept walking on his way.

Some time later while driving Roy saw the young man still walking, moved with compassion he picked him up. He learned Jhaqueil Reagan was an orphan, whose mother had died two years earlier. He was trying to find work so he could support his brothers and sister. They were basically homeless, and living with friends. The young man was trying to get to a job interview, and was attempting to walk 10 miles in the snow and ice. A walk that would have taken him over two hours in the cold! To make things worse Jhaqueil was hungry, and had not eaten that day. Roy dropped him off at a Dairy Queen and gave him food money. Seeing Jhaqueil’s values and work ethic moved Roy to take action, and he found a way of hiring him. Since then there has been an outpouring of loving kindness and help for Jhaqueil from all over. This inspiring and touching story has gone viral.  The reason for that is someone like Roy took the time to notice what was going on with someone else, and cared enough to boldly ask questions, then took action showing real love, and kindness for his fellow man. If only we all took time to open our eyes and help others, even just a little bit makes a huge difference for someone who has nothing.

 Math 25:40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’(NIV)