Rocket Scientist Shares How She Overcame Fear, And Reprogrammed Her Brain

Award winning NASA scientist Olympia LePoint helped launch 28 space shuttle missions, she is also an author and t.v. host. Who as a child was marginalized, and grew up to overcome the odds of poverty and violence. She would overcome the obstacles life set in her path, not allowing fear of failure to stop her. As a women in a field dominated by men, she has embraced her femininity with confidence, accepting, and being herself, she has excelled in a field few women have entered. To do this she had to overcome her fears, and literally re-create herself. The following are her step, by step directions of how to overcome fear, for example if a person is afraid of storms they would:  

1. Name the fear and reject that false belief.
Out  loud declare,  “Today I renounce and reject fear of storms. I renounce the lie of being unsafe during storms.”

2. Reprogram your brain with the positive thoughts opposite of your fear.
I will never again fear storms. I have been safe during them many times before, and I will always be safe, and secure, during storms. 

3. Rebuild new neuron  transmitters in your brain by taking positive action, the opposite of your fear.
During the next storm stand safely on your front porch throughout the storm, facing it, and overcoming the fear. Saying, “I am fine this is just another storm, I will always be perfectly fine when storms come. I am safe, secure, and relaxed during storms.” 

Keep doing these steps until you feel more relaxed the fear will subside, it will lessen as you face it, sometimes it takes a few times, but the more you face that fear the less power it will hold, each time it will lessen until it leaves.