Robin Williams Death Has Left Koko The Gorilla Crying And Mourning.

Koko the Gorilla best known as the intelligent gorilla who understands English, and does sign language to communicate with humans. First met Robin when she had been in mourning 6 months after her life partner gorilla Micheal had died. She had not smiled in that entire 6 months when Robin went to see her, the two became fast friends. Robin true to form, had her smiling in minutes just like with people, nobody could resist his humor and charm, Koko was no exception.

Their visit must have been the medicine Koko needed because she tolerated Robin’s visit longer than any other humans before. The two bonded, tickling each other, playing, even hugging, and cuddling, it all ending with Koko telling Robin, KOKO LOVE, kissing Robins hand. Upon finding out about Robin’s death Koko was observed crying, (pictured below) and she became somber joining many of us who are mourning him.


Above is the video shot while Robin visited with Koko, and this is how I will always remember Robin, as a kind, sensitive, intelligent man. Someone who brought love, joy, and laughter to the world, and spread it around with the ability of a genius. Robin will forever be loved, and in our hearts!