Rhema Marvanne’s A Little Girl With A Huge Voice In This Version Of, “O Holy Night.” So Good I Got Chills!

At 7 years old Rhema Marvanne’s proud father decided to record a video of his daughter and posted it on youtube. It took off and the views exceeded 30 million and continue to climb to this day. All one has to do is listen to this girl and it’s easy to see why she has been such an amazing success. This girl is a vocal powerhouse, and it’s hard to believe such a huge voice can come from such a little girl! Rhema has said she felt God called her to do Gospel music in particular, and feels it’s because of the way it can touch people’s hearts. As we listened to this version of, “O Holy Night” we understand what she meant, as we got chills at this child’s incredible God given talent. This was beautiful!