Pulled Over By A White Cop, Will Stack’s Video Has Gone Viral, & Has The Entire Country Talking!

This video is going viral, and the message it sends, should be! The message Will Stack is delivering is positive, excellent, and true! It is hard to believe that with all the advances we have made scientifically, and socially that racism, and bullying is still a problem today. The unfortunate truth is it is entrenched, and still with us! The good news is change occurs with each, and every individual’s choices, and Will is proof of this! What Will is saying so well is people are people, there are good, and bad, but it is not up to us to judge. We should not just judge, or paint everyone with the same brush, as all good, or all bad, stereo typing because of their color, race, or even their job. Will says it so perfectly at the end, “ignorance has no color” and that “God doesn’t see color…why should we?” “Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you’re a victim, just because you’re white doesn’t mean you’re a racist,” he says. ”God doesn’t see color, why should we?”

Will was in a situation where he had done something wrong, so he took responsibility and did the right thing, treating others with respect, he got respect in return. We all know of course, that doesn’t always happen! However, so often we only see, and hear about the negative that the media reports not showing us there are also, other situations that do end positively. We applaud him for sharing a positive message, being a great example, and conveying love, and respect to others. We are all God’s children, made in the image, and likeness of God, in God’s eyes ALL are wanted, loved, and worthy, and all should be respected on that point alone! Well done Will!