If We Could Only Read Each Other’s Minds Like This. What A Different World This Would Be!

This video is such a powerful portrayal of every ones lives, we just never know what the person sitting beside us is going through. If we could see it written on a persons clothes would we be kinder?

Have you ever been in a bad situation were someone is just not getting what your telling them? They just do not understand because they have not been in that situation themselves. There are sayings like “don’t judge a person until you have walked in their shoes. “The fact is we are all walking wounded, and victims of other victims, in one way or another, situations in life hit every one of us, nobody gets exempted, life happens, and hard experiences like trauma, accidents, abuse, are an unfortunate part of it.

As a mental health worker I know the best counselors are the ones who have been put through the ringer of life. That is they have been there, done that, struggled with that issue, overcome it, and have empathy for their clients. Because they have experienced it first hand, they know how their clients are struggling, what they should say, and do for them, and how they should be able to help them overcome it. If we persevere, get the right help when we need help coping, and overcome these situations we come out of them stronger with empathy for others. Because we have been through it, we understand on a deeper level how they feel. We can extend our hand, and heart in a way you could not before experiencing that challenge.

When I am in the hardest situations I lean hardest on the Lord, I thank him for the opportunity to overcome it. I offer my suffering up to him, with faith, I ask him to help me persevere, through him I have conquered situations I thought were impossible. He has taught me the lesson in Luke 18:27Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”