As His Pregnant Horse Was Struggling For Her Life In Icy Water, The Rescuers Did The Unthinkable!

Imoon a five year old pregnant mare got away from her owner and plunged straight in to a frozen pond.  Desperate the owner called the fire department. The men had to be extra careful because the jagged ice could have cut the horse open. The fetus inside her added on another 180 pounds to her exhausted struggles, and at one point the horse was ready to give up. When the owner told the fireman, “hit her in the nose it will get her attention,” knowing it would make her angry and fight harder. After being in the icy water for forty minutes hypothermia was starting. As you will see these fire- men go all out to rescue this horse. Risking their own lives out on the frozen water close to a horse that is desperately fighting for it’s life, and is thrashing, and breaking the ice constantly. The firemen do an incredible job and never give up.  Truly wonderful to see people willing to go so far to help a horse and her baby.