Watch This Precious Moment As Baby Sees Mom For The First Time!

There is something so special that happens when a mother and newborn baby look into each others eyes for the first time. It’s like their souls connect through their love for each other in the most beautiful way. It’s a precious moment a mother treasures for the rest of her life. So watching 3 month old Tilley in this video will remind a lot of moms of that joy of looking into their baby’s eyes for the first time.

The wonderful thing about this video is Tilly finally sees mom properly, and her appreciatively happy reaction is so touching to watch. Her little eyes are riveted on mommy and she’s just overjoyed to really see mom for the first time. This made us smile right along with them, and if there is one thing this world needs right now it’s more love and positive media. So please share this article with those you love and make their day brighter.