Precious 3 Yr Old Is So Full Of God’s Love It Brought Us To Tears!

3 Year old Claire Ryann’s version of “Gethsemane,” is absolutely one of the sweetest performances you will ever see! Her angelic little face, and voice, worshiping Our Lord will pull at your heart strings. This video will bring an even greater appreciation for Our Lord’s incredible sacrifice, and victory to us all this Easter.

It moved us beyond words as we watched the scenes of what Jesus went through in the garden of Gethsemane. When we realized how he felt so alone when his apostles fell asleep. He was in such agony as mentioned in The Bible in Luke 22:44, that he actually sweated blood, and was ministered to by an angel. That scene in particular brought a tear to our eyes, he suffered so much out of love for us. Thank You Lord! We here at wish every one a Blessed and Happy Easter!