Police Chief Rescues Live Infant Stuck Head Down In Public Toilet’s Pipe!

It is a sad occurrence that happens too often in China. A baby is dumped off at a baby hatch if they are lucky, or abandoned anywhere possible, thousands are just discarded like trash to die every year.

A woman was observed quickly exiting a public washroom in Beijing, China. Shortly after locals heard the desperate cries of a baby coming from inside, and the police were called. When police chief, Qian Feng who is in the video spotted the baby in the toilet he initially planned to dismantle the toilet, and get the newborn girl out. The infant’s body was fully enveloped in the drain pipe, head down, and only her little feet were sticking up. The naked, cold, and likely in pain baby’s cries prompted the chief to faster action. He reached into the toilet, and down into the pipe with his arm, grabbed her, and pulled her up and out. The poor little newborn was immediately taken to hospital, and was reported to be stable, meanwhile police are investigating trying to find the babies parents.

We hope this story brings awareness to people who are able to assist these abandoned children. We also pray that God sends wonderful parents to care for, love, and raise this precious baby, and the countless others the way they truly deserve.