People Said This Boy Was “Cursed” Until This Miracle Happened!

When Mahendra Ahirwar was born his parent’s thought he was a healthy normal child until at about 6 months old they noticed his head began to hang off to the side. They soon discovered he was born with congenital myopathy which is a rare disorder that causes the head to hang at 180 degrees. People said this poor boy was, “cursed” and he has suffered with being stigmatized for his condition.

Mahendra was eventually helped by a woman named Julie Jones from Liverpool, who moved with compassion set up a crowd funding page for him to get his much needed surgery. Mahendra has a long way to go, but he is well on his way to a better quality of life. We wish him a speedy recovery, and pray that he gets all the help he needs to live life as fully as he deserves.