People Are Flocking To See A Real Life Size Replica Of Noah’s Ark & It’s Absolutely Amazing!

If you’ve ever wondered what the real Noah’s Ark in The Bible looked like, this is your chance to actually experience it first hand. This real life size, Noah’s Ark replica is in Williamstown, Kentucky. Its construction has taken 6 years and it is a truly awesome sight. At 510 feet wide, and 5 stories in height. Ark historians were brought in and consulted for accuracy about construction, and details, thus making sure The Ark was built to the exact dimensions described in The Bible. The Ark is Biblically educational, as well as being a great tourist attraction. The Ark is a wholesome, and family friendly attraction that surely will be a wonderful success, after all what child wouldn’t want to get a chance to experience what it would have been like to be on Noah’s Ark. This is amazing!