His Own Parents Wanted To Euthanize Him, Then Two Heroes Came Along And Changed Everything!

Baby Adam Paulraj was born severely deformed in a Hospital in India. His birth family would not accept Adam, refusing to take him home, they even threatened to Euthanize him. Hospital employees Jessica and Raja Paulraj came to his rescue, adopting Adam, and bringing him to America where he will have good medical care, and the opportunity for a far better life.

Adams medical challenges loom in front of him like a mountain! He has a lot of surgery ahead of him, and he is presently unable to eat normally because of the cleft palate. The family is looking forward to Adam’s palate being fixed, so he will be able to speak and say those two precious words, MOM and DAD. He will be going through nasal reconstruction, and hand construction surgery. Adam will also be in need of prosthetic legs so he will be able to walk someday. In spite of all the obstacles the child is a happy, well adjusted, one and a half year old. He plays with his brother, laughs, and loves his new life and family. Watching him brought happy tears to our eyes, this baby is such a little fighter and has brought joy to his new family!

This little guy’s life was saved from a needless death, and this only highlights how the decision of Euthanasia especially with children allows people to make rash decisions, that would cause people to throw away decades of a child’s or adult’s life. It is a decision that is final, and if abused becomes murder. Safeguards do not work! It is also important to realize abuses have happened on massive scales in the countries that have euthanasia. In the Netherlands 1 in every 5 people is euthanized without giving consent or requesting it!(1) Thankfully baby Adam was rescued, and will have the chance at life and happiness he should have. Its great to see when a helpless, vulnerable person’s Rights and Choice don’t get violated.
If you or someone you know would like to help Adam please go to HELP ADAM.

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