Parents Have Priceless Reaction To Son’s Homecoming During Puck Drop. I’m In Tears!

Eitan, and Ronit Urman, are the proud parents of U.S. Army Sergeant Daniel Urman, who had been away on deployment in Afghanistan. They had been hockey fans for years, and season ticket holders since 1996. Being great hockey fans it didn’t cause any suspicion when they were selected for a ceremonial puck drop at the Coyotes game. Mom’s facial expression as the parent’s walk out on the carpet shows she’s thinking about what the announcer said, she’s puzzled wondering, how did they know my son is away? The curiosity is written all over her face!

When Daniel comes out, and surprises them, you can feel their shock and joy. Dad was so shocked at first sight of his son, that his knees buckled before he could run to him. Then he was so happy he didn’t even seem to feel the pain of falling on the ice. The love this family shares just bursts forth in the most beautiful way, and totally affects everyone watching. This brought a huge smile, and tears to a lot of us, and we’re all very happy for this family.