Parent’s Create Time Capsule Freezing Son’s Room In Time For 500 Years!

When Daniel Fabre first saw his house he was shocked to say the least when he walked into a room that looked like time had stood still. The room had been made into a time capsule, and it appears to be sadly frozen in time. Looking around the room one can sense, and almost feel the grief of the parents, and the love for their lost son. Daniel thought it was extraordinary what the parents had done in preserving the room for close to 100 years, exactly as their son had left it, honoring, and keeping alive their deceased son’s memory.

According to the Telegraph, the French soldier was Second Lieutenant, Hubert Rochereau. he was born in 1896, and he fought in the First World War some 98 years ago. Tragically Hubert died near Loker, Belgium on April 26, 1918, he earned the medals displayed on his bed the Croix de Guerre, and the Legion d’Honneur. His name is among the others in his village honored, and remembered on the war memorial.

The parents decided to sell the house in 1935. It must have been a heart wrenching decision for the grieving parents, because in the sale agreement they made the new owners sign a clause that said they were not to do any changes to their son’s bedroom for a period of 500 years. Daniel has continued to preserve the room and seems to hope the next owner will do the same. When the parents included that sale condition they made certain their son, a war hero, would not soon be forgotten like so many others who sacrificed everything to defend their country’s freedom.

Pondering all of this one would have to agree the parent’s have succeeded in keeping Hubert’s memory alive as his room is being seen on this video, and shared all over the world. Their story is both a sad, and beautiful testament of the bonds of love a family shared that still remain unbroken by death or time.