Paraplegic Surfs While Duct Taped To Her Friend! You Won’t Want To Miss This!

18 years ago Pascal Honore was ejected from her car in an accident, and was immediately paralyzed. Trying to live life to it’s fullest she realized she would just have to relearn how to do things differently, and proceeded to live her life as normally as she possibly could. One of the things that she was able to do was sit by the ocean, and watch her sons surf, as she had always been fascinated by surfing. When a family friend of theirs Tyron Swan came up with the idea of duct taping her to his back it seemed possible. Looking at it as a fun challenge they started practicing on their deck. Tryron, and Pascal realized it could be done, and proceeded┬áto do just that. This proves duct tape is good for just about everything!

“It’s shown me you can still have a dream, and things are possible. Concentrate on the positive in life.”

Pascal is living life to it’s fullest. She has found ways to scuba dive, and bicycle, and who knows what other innovative ways she will think up next to do the things in life she loves. I think it’s obvious nothing is going to get in this ladies way of living her dreams. What an inspiration to us all!