These Police Officers Do The Unusual By Helping An Elderly Man Fulfill His Wish.

Old Man Wish3

Melvyn Amrine, a man suffering from Alzheimer’s may have difficulty remembering many things in his life but the one thing he does remember…

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The Number One Thing Wrong With Modern Society. Put It Down!


Our cell phones are amazing tools. I find myself in recent years becoming more, and more attached to them. Our…

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This Dancing 3 Year Old Is So Amazing He Even Had Actor Jet Li Cheering For More.

3 year old boy7

This little boys performance with his baby is so cute, and sweet. The judges cannot resist him and even kiss…

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Mom’s Having A Baby! The Way This Little Girl Reacts Is Sure To Make Any Mom Cry.

baby in tummy

These kids have such a sweet heart-filled reaction to the news that they are going to have a new brother…

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You’ll Never Guess What This Community Does For This Adorable Girl With Cancer.

little girl

This 5 year old little girl with terminal cancer has touched her community’s hearts so remarkably they  staged a fairy…

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Girl Of 14 Years Stands Up To TV Personality Kevin O’Leary, I Accept His Challenge!

14 year old girl

Teen Activist Rachel Parent stood up to Kevin O’Leary on the potential dangers of GMO’s.  This young girl does a great job…

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Blind Autistic Boy Surprises Everyone! This Will Melt Your Heart.

blind autism

How often do we look at ourselves or each other and think that there is nothing very remarkable about us?…

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How Good Do You Have To Be To Get Into Heaven? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Behold the Lamb of God

Is good, good enough?  The Bible teaches us that we cannot be saved by our works alone, but only by…

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