Blind Autistic Boy Surprises Everyone! This Will Melt Your Heart.

blind autism

How often do we look at ourselves or each other and think that there is nothing very remarkable about us?…

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How Good Do You Have To Be To Get Into Heaven? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Behold the Lamb of God

Is good, good enough? ┬áThe Bible teaches us that we cannot be saved by our works alone, but only by…

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This Kid Calls Out The Corporate Food Producers And Lets The Truth Be Known. Must See!

This Kid Calls Out The Corporate Food Producers.

Birke Baehr gives a powerful and compelling talk at TEDx discussing all the things wrong with our food system. Our…

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This Nurse Discovers Her Dying Patient Is Her Long Lost Father. What!!?

This Nurse Discovers Her Dying Patient Is Her Long Lost Father.

Her dad left the family shortly after she was born. 41 years later this nurse discovers that her dying patient…

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This Adorable Five Year Old Genius Demonstrates His Incredible Knowledge On Jimmy Kimmel.

Adorable Five Year Old Genius

Arden Hayes an adorable five year old with an amazing memory demonstrates his incredible knowledge of world geography on Jimmy…

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This Girl’s Performance Causes Simon To Give Her One Of The Best Complements Ever!

ScreenHunter_41 May. 07 13.47 - Copy

Although this young girl was born with a debilitating condition her inner beauty shines through for all to see. Her…

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You’ve Got To Hear What This Groom Says At The Altar. Must Watch!!!

ScreenHunter_37 May. 07 12.14

This groom messes up his line and his bride loses it in the middle of the ceremony. You won’t be…

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This Teenager Does Something Extraordinary And Built His Very Own Electric Car.

ScreenHunter_16 May. 02 01.32-3

Talk about inspirational and determined! Mark King is a 19 year old who single handedly designed and built an electric…

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