The Most Nervous Guy Ever Performs & Bring The Judges To Their Feet Cheering.

The Most Nervous - Featured

When Christopher Maloney came out on stage we thought he was going to have a panic attack. We’ve never seen…

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This Ex-Con Just Saved A Baby’s Life. You’ll Never Guess Where He Found Her.

ScreenHunter_165 Jun. 19 06.44-22

Bryant Collins who served 10 years in prison¬†for drug charges discovered a baby crawling next to the highway. He rescued…

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This Little Girl Loves Her Dog No Matter What It Looks Like.

A Little Girl - Featured

Most people want a dog that is perfect, or what is considered normal. When this little girl first saw her…

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This Foster Child Gets Up In Front Of His Church And Simply Asks “Someone Adopt Me”

Foster Boy - Featured

Davion has been in foster care since he was born, but he has always dreamed of being part of a…

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This Tap Dancing Girl Surprises The Whole Audience. Seriously The Funniest Thing EVER!!

Tap Dancer - Featured

Watch as this adorable preschool girl does the most hilarious dance of all time. Her parents must be so proud.

I’m Watching You Dad, See How This Father Impacts His Son.

Father Son

What parent does not want their child to be blessed by God? Read on and find out how we can…

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This Expecting Mother Sings About The Not So Glamorous Parts Of Being Pregnant.

Prego Mom - Featured

Pregnancy can be a bit tough on everyone involved. This Mother’s song does an excellent job in describing all those…

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What NBA Star Kevin Durant Says To His Mum Will Have You In Tears!

Kevin Durant - Featured

Kevin Durant’s humble speech and appreciation for how far he’s come is more then any Mother could ever hope for.¬†…

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