Shop Owner Loses It As Woman Returns A Box Of Stale Cupcakes With An Added Surprise!

Sharon is a hard working entrepreneur who owns, Mrs C’s Cupcakes in Pentrith, Australia. This super mum of four kids has had a horrendous couple years to cope with. First she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, her younger brother passed away, then when things didn’t seem they could get harder, her son begins to suffer from a degenerative disease. Between trying to keep up with the medical bills, and falling behind on her shops business lease, Sharon has been forced to work far more than she wants to in order to make ends meet. Any mum can understand how heartbreaking it must be for Sharon not to be able to spend time with her kids.

However Jackie O, a radio DJ at a local station, learned about Sharon’s situation, and devised this prank to help her out in a really wonderful way. We won’t spoil the surprise but it’s good, and Sharon’s reaction makes this video worth watching. In closing, and for the record, Jackie O mentioned that Mrs C’s Cupcakes are awesome! So this is a shout out to any of our readers in Penrith, Australia check out Mrs C’s Cupcakes!