Orangutan’s Reaction To This Pregnant Mum’s Belly Surprises Everyone!

This 47 years old Orangutan is named Rajang, and he is living at a zoo in Colchester, in England. While visiting the zoo a pregnant lady named, Massie Knight decided to press her belly up to the glass, and see if the orangutan would have any reaction. They were very surprised when Rajang leaned forward, and affectionately kissed her belly through the glass. Watch and see he does this not once, but a few times. He even motions like he is rubbing her belly like humans do, and rests his head against the glass to cuddle up, and hear the baby in her belly. That brought a tear to my eye!

Rajang did not react the same at all when Jamie Clark who was with Massie, curiosly put his hand against the glass. Rajang dismissively brushed his hand away. That makes one think if Rajang could speak would he say something like, “human don’t you realize yet that I have understanding?” If anyone has watched Koko the gorilla do sign language, they would know these animals are bright, have emotions, and a lot of understanding! Orangutan’s are known to be excellent nurturers of their babies, and this is an obvious proof of that. This makes one think its the simple little displays of love like this, that many of us humans could learn from!