This Nurse Is Using His Singing To Soothe Patient’s Suffering.

Singing can be heard throughout the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital in Valencia, California. Where Jared Axen is known as the Singing Nurse. He is also a Musician, who has found a great way to combine both careers to the benefit of his patients. The effect music can have on a person is profound! It can take a person back to happier times, touch our hearts and bring a happy tear to our eyes. It can soothe us when we are stressed, and take our minds off our worries. Jared is doing a wonderful job of combining his God given gifts of compassionate care and music.

Jared also has the wisdom to know just how beneficial his small acts of kindness impact his patient’s both physically and spiritually. One thing is for sure, the patient’s lives who get this Nurse are definitely more enriched by his openness and loving attitude toward them. Keep up the great work Jared!