No Prayer Allowed! Then He Raises His Hands & Students Stand Up For Their Beliefs And Tradition!

The student’s at a High school in Ohio took a firm stand, and were not about to be forced into letting their tradition go. The Lord’s Prayer has traditionally been sung for the past 70 years at their school during graduation ceremonies. This year a certain foundation has forced it to be stopped, obviously against the majority of student’s wishes.

Watching these things happen is tragic! People should be able to enjoy a sense of community, express themselves, and practice what they believe in, without being bullied into submission with threats of a lawsuit! This is supposed to be a free country for all! What these people are doing is stripping the freedom of one group, and forcing their views on others by limiting freedoms!

The desires and needs of the majority should be taken into consideration over the dictatorship, and money of the few who can afford lawyers! Once basic freedoms start getting ripped away from one group of people, another group will be next! God Bless these students for courageously taking a stand!