When No Kids Showed Up At Her Birthday Party One Special Friend Turned It All Around!

When it comes to their child’s Birthday party parents send out the invitations to their child’s special day and hope their little friends will come and share in their joy. However, sometimes things just don’t happen to work out the way we expect them to, often for many different reasons people just don’t show up. That doesn’t take away from the fact that the child can get the wrong impression, be disappointed and feel hurt. That almost happened to little Brookelyn Schermann on her 5th birthday.

However, when her best friend Bryce arrived, it became a party of two and nothing else mattered. I believe God knows what is best for us, and He sends us what we need when we need it most, and sometimes what we get is not always what we expect. What Brooklyn needed that day was one really special friend, and that’s exactly who showed up. This is a shining example of how just one good friend is such a treasure. Bryce and Brooklyn have been close since they were babies, and by the looks of it this friendly duo is going to continue. We here at Faithreel.com wish Brooklyn a belated Happy Birthday, and many more with her awesome little buddy Bryce.