The Music From This Strange Instrument Called A Wintergatan-Marble Machine Has Gone Super Viral!

When we first saw this video my first thought was, what is that intriguing mechanical contraption? Then the instrument’s builder, Swedish Musician Martin Molin started playing the instrument which is called a Wintergatan-Marble Machine. When he turns the crank 2,000 marbles travel through what looks like a roulette wheel, tubes, and on tracks, striking other instruments to produce some of the most unique, and pleasant sounding music we’ve heard yet. It looks like a combination of a pin ball machine and a huge music box, with drums, a marimba, and a bass guitar.

The video below describes some of the complex, and very cool mechanical workings of the Wintergatan. We were surprised to see how he uses Basmati Rice for it’s sound effect. We found this to be both entertaining, fascinating, as well as incredibly creative. We’re sure our reader’s are going to like this as much as we do. Enjoy!