Mum Was In A Near-Fatal Coma Until Her Newborn Baby Saves Her & Brings Her Back!

Shelly Cawley had an uneasy feeling like a premonition about the C section she was about to have, and even mentioned she was afraid she was not going to wake up from it. Turned out she was right, there were more problems, and after the surgery she slipped into a coma, and bad only got worse. She was put on a ventilator, and it seemed she just was not fighting to live. That is until nurses decided to try Kangaroo Care in reverse. Nurses know how beneficial Kangaroo Care is for new born babies. Situations that have seemed hopeless have turned around when the new born has been placed on the mother, and cuddled closely. Kangaroo Care involves holding the baby close, with skin-to-skin contact between a mum/dad and baby.

The miracle happened in this situation when Shelly’s husband Jeremy placed their baby girl on Shelley hoping the baby would cry, and inspire Shelly to fight for her life. At first the perfect little angel wouldn’t cry until Jeremy, and the nurse prodded her, by pinching and tickling. When baby Rylan finally did cry, doctors witnessed Shelly’s vitals suddenly spike back up. Staff believed that when the spike happened, it was Shelly’s subconscious that picked up the baby needed her, she had to rise to the challenge, and fight to live for her baby’s sake. Rylan Grace is now a happy one year old credited with helping save her mum’s life when she was only a week old. That just goes to prove a hero can be any size. By the grace of God sometimes I think babies come into peoples lives, to save us adults in ways we never would have imagined.