Mum & Dad Heard Their Abandoned Baby Crying, And Break Into A Locked Daycare To Rescue Him!

Sharonda Ross was around 45 minutes late when she reached Joann’s Day Care to collect her baby boy Jordan, the place was closed so she thought her husband had picked him up, and she proceeded home. Upon arriving home the couple were horrified at their mistake, and sped back to the daycare. When Sharonda heard her baby’s cries coming from inside the locked building, the couple banged on the door, but there was no staff there. Horrified, and in shock, they broke in to rescue their baby, while filming it with their cell phone.

The couple reported the daycare to the police, and the horrified, very upset, daycare owner Joann Davis has publicly apologized. She has stated that she is, “deeply, terribly sorry.” She does however stand behind the employee, and says she has been there for a long time, has been a good employee, and will not be fired.

We here at purposely decided NOT to include the video of the actual parents breaking in. The mum and dad’s righteous anger, and the trauma, of discovering their baby abandoned, was very emotional, heart wrenching, and downright disturbing for us. We care about our readers, and did not wish to share the kind of raw pain, and trauma, the mum and dad were feeling with others. However we stress that we wanted to make sure their story was told, and bring about awareness for the safety of all children. This might have been avoided if the daycare had a list of mandatory spot checks throughout the building, that needed doing before locking up at the end of the night.