Mother’s Tearful Goodbye As Conjoined Twins Go Into Risky Surgery Is So Touching!

Nicole and Christian McDonald, and their conjoined twins Anias, and Jadon, are on the verge of one of the biggest events of their lives in this video, and the parents are both excited and apprehensive. Anias and Jadon are what is called Craniopagus twins, which is a rare condition that only occurs once in every two and a half million births. The twins share a centimeter and a half of their brain tissue, and are about to undergo their final surgery to separate them.

The video also shows the unconditional love and total acceptance these parent’s have for their children no matter what their physical state and it is just wonderfully refreshing to see. None of us human’s are anatomically perfect, yet it’s important to remember every little baby’s soul is perfect, and if God knit them together in the womb like it says in The Bible, then they are exactly how God meant them to be at the time for reason’s we may never understand but with faith must accept. Psalm 139:13 For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb.

Nicole’s trust in God is truly admirable! The way she surrenders her son’s in faith over to God’s will, and lays the whole situation at his feet, realizing God is in control shows wisdom. By not trying to take control but surrendering she co operates with God’s plan for these children’s lives, and God’s plan is always far better than anything we could ever imagine. In this case the outcome was great! After a whole team of doctors worked in surgery for 16.5 hours the McDonald family joyfully received the news that their babies were able to be separated and are in recovery. It was an especially powerful moment when Christian was finally able to say, “my boy” and kiss his baby, instead of saying, “the boys.” God is good!