Mom With Broken Bones, & In Bitter Cold Fights For Survival And To Save Her Child.

Kristen Hiebert, and her 4 year old daughter, Avery, were stranded in a remote place after being in a horrible accident. It happened when Kristin’s vehicle slid off the road, and rolled down an embankment on a quiet Sunday night in a rural area South of Winnipeg, in Manitoba, Canada. The January temperature was a bitter cold -21.7 C.

All Kristen was concerned about was her little girl, even though she was in shock. She covered Avery with her body, and wrapped her in a blanket trying to protect her from the extreme cold in hopes of surviving while they waited for help to come all the while in the dark.

Avery’s cat Acey was with them, and turned out to be a great comfort, and a wonderful distraction. It cuddled up with them providing love, and even a little more warmth. They survived 11 hours in bone chilling cold when Kristen realized she had to do something immediately.

Kristen was suffering with frost bite, and was in agonizing pain from a fractured neck, two broken arms, ribs, and one broken leg. She slowly clawed, and crawled her way up the embankment, and was spotted clinging to a guard rail. While driving by Tina Dubyts didn’t outright see Kristin at first, but had subconsciously picked up on something not being quite right. She had a nagging feeling she should go back, and it was strong enough to make her turn around. She drove back and that is when she found Kristin. Tina the second hero in this story acted quickly, she called 911, carried Avery up the embankment, and placed her in her warm vehicle. The two were then rescued and taken to hospital.

Avery is recovering well, she is walking on her foot that was frost bitten and out of hospital. Sadly Kristen’s feet were too badly frost bitten for any hope of them healing, and they have had to be amputated above the ankles. Kristin’s road to recovery is proving to be a painful, much harder, and longer one. She will not be able to return to the two jobs she used to work at for a long time, if at all. If anyone would like to help this family they can donate to their gofundme page by clicking the link HERE. Kristin we here at want you to know that we admire your courage, and the love you have for your daughter. We wish you a speedy recovery, and God Bless you!