Mom Is Sick For Thanksgiving So Dad Tries To Make Dinner. You Have Got To See This!

When the mom in this video gets sick on Thanksgiving day, dad and his brother step up to the plate and take a swing at making the meal. What happens is hilariously funny.

The way dad gets along with his brother had us remembering all the funny things the kids and adults in our family pulled off on special occasions. Like the time we forgot to rinse the dish soap out of the cake pan and we could have blown bubbles with the cake it tasted so soapy. Food fights were rarely allowed but when something was irretrievably spoiled it was fun time, and that was always within reason of course. It was messy but funny, and it made for wonderful memories. Please like and share if this was anything like your family.

Please join us in our Thanksgiving prayer, we thank You heavenly Father for all the great blessings big and small that we have been fortunate to have throughout the year. Thank You for your love and for our families.