Doctor Says This Baby Is A Real Miracle! Mom Says He Was Touched By The Hand Of Grace.

The Wolman’s were having their 3rd child. When they found out their baby had Downs Syndrome, and Hydrops, which causes the body to swell up with fluid. Doctors had informed them to expect a stillborn baby. Mrs Wolman recalls she sang hope filled to the baby everyday in her belly, “keep your little light shiny and bright.”

When Renner was born at 35 weeks, by emergency C section, there were no cries but a gasp of breath which overjoyed both the Wolman’s. All that mattered was that he was alive, but he would have to fight for his life.  Doctors were not optimistic but worked hard to give him a chance. He was on a survival roller coaster as his kidneys were failing, and doctors had to get them working within 12 hours, or he would die. They were not able to oxygenate his lungs so Renner had to be put on a ventilator, he was then put in a state of paralysis. He challenged the doctors at every turn with his health.

As far as doctors were concerned the baby was close to death. When asked by medical staff if they had any last wishes for the baby, Mrs Wolman  asked to be able to hold, Rock, and spend time with her baby, expecting him to die at any time. She had not been able to hold Renner much before that day. She held her baby rocking, loving, and just appreciating precious time with him, after 4 hours little, by little he began to improve. Surprising and humbling doctors who proclaim him a miracle, and don’t know how he managed to survive.

“He is not a medical miracle, but a Real Miracle.”

Renner went home with his family within 6 months. He still has ongoing medical issues but is now going on two years old, and is a happy toddler, much loved, and very appreciated by his parents, and siblings.

“I know he was touched by the hand of grace.”(mw)