Miracle Baby Born With Her Heart Outside Her Chest Beats The 90% Odds Against Her!

This beautiful baby named Audrena Cardenas is a living miracle, true fighter, and survivor! Her proud mother Ashley Cardenas is now anxiously looking forward to bringing her baby home to begin their lives together as a family.

Audrena was born with a rare, and usually fatal condition called Ectopia Cordis. A condition where the heart is literally outside the chest, or body. It is estimated that 8 in every 1 million babies are born with this condition, and 90% of them are stillborn, or usually die within the first 72 hours after birth. Within one day of her birth Audrena had to have open heart surgery to create a cavity to set her heart in her chest. She will eventually have more surgery to construct a sternum, but for now she wears a protective shield over her chest to protect her heart from any kind of injury.

Congratulations go out to Ashley, and Audrena on their homecoming, and for beating the odds that were so stacked against her. We here at Faithreel.com wish them lots of health, and happiness in the future.