Miracle Babies Amazingly Escape Harm After Being Ejected From Horrific Car Crashes!

This video has gone viral, and thankfully these two babies are alright! However this should convince people to use a car seat. This baby was thrown from behind the drivers seat, when the driver lost control of the vehicle on an icy road in Russia. The child escaped death not once, but twice. The one year old baby girl was later taken to hospital, and treated for scrapes, and bruises. It is estimated that only one third of the Russian population uses car seats.

The video below is a powerful testament to those places in the world that still do not have mandatory car seat laws. This baby was thrown 25 feet, and when found opened her eyes, and smiled at her rescuers. She was virtually unscathed. That speaks for itself! Children are a precious non-replaceable gift, and if we parents have the opportunity to keep them even more safe, we should do it without thinking twice!