Military Dad Returns & Sneaks Up On His Kids In Class. Their Reactions? Absolutely Priceless!

Airman John Grieten had been gone for six long months. His deployment to Southwest Asia had his children missing him terribly. His son Joshua is 15 years old, and his daughter Jessica is 11. On his return home John makes an appearance at both their schools, and shares this beautiful homecoming with his kids and their classmates.

Joshua who has Down Syndrome, was at class, and his surprised reaction was so sweet and fun we couldn’t stop smiling. When Joshua sees his dad, his face is just beaming with unreserved love and joy. The way Jessica dives into her dad’s arms was very touching because she just couldn’t get to dad fast enough. You can just tell by their hug, dad’s little girl never wants to let him go. This heart melting reunion was one of the best we’ve seen yet, we really enjoyed this, and we’re sure you will too.