This Man Wants You To Meet His Daughter. You’ll Never Guess Why!

There are so many of us who understand this mans message first hand, totally agree with him, and so would anyone who has gone through what he has.

When I was 8 a family member was in a car accident with a group of his friends, three of them were killed. He survived but has PTSD, and has suffered continuous, agonizing pain, from a crippling back injury every since he was 16, he is now 60. The driver was drunk and walked away unhurt. When I was 12 years old I lost a family member to an accident caused by a drunk driver. He was out riding his bicycle when it happened, he was only 8 years old, lingered on life support and eventually died. Later while in high school a fellow classmate was killed. She was walking home after work and was struck by a drunk driver while on the side walk. A friend of mine while driving his motorcycle after drinking lost control of the bike and was thrown into a telephone pole, broke his neck and died. Those incidents left a trail of devastation, and horrible scars for everyone involved.

The victims are gone forever, the drivers lives are impacted, and forever changed as well as all their families. It is a horrible fact that this is still happening so much today.

When someone gets behind the wheel, and drives after a night of drinking it is one of the most reckless, selfish acts a person can do, and the consequences can last a lifetime! I look back at their lives and wonder, where would they be today they were beautiful people with so much potential.

A bitter truth that comes to my mind, is a call to a friend for a ride, or a $20 cab ride could have prevented all that pain. These people drank more than that $20 during their night out, but didn’t plan their way home. Plan ahead to stay the night at your friends, arrange a ride, preschedule and pay a taxi, leave your car at home if you don’t trust yourself, and have someone drop you off. To those who drink and drive, please do whatever it is you need to do, to not put yourself and others in danger! The big picture here is it’s not worth it for anyone to drink and drive. The consequences are permanent loss of life, heartbreak, and irreversible. Please don’t be naive, if it could happen to others it can happen to anyone, for $20 dollars don’t drink and drive!