Man Miraculously Brought Back From The Edge Of Death By Vitamin C!?

Alan Smith had just got back home from a fishing trip when, later in the night, his wife woke up to find him stone cold and unmoving beside her. Soon after, he was diagnosed with swine flu and his health began to deteriorate drastically. Lying comatose in hospital for quite a while, surrounded by monitors and tubes, the doctors started to lose faith and suggested that it was time to let Allan die, and take him off his life support.

But giving up hope was not an option for his family, they did not agree everything possible was being done. They insisted as a last resort Allan be given high dose intravenous vitamin C treatments. The doctors were highly doubtful of the treatment or that he would ever recover.  They reluctantly tried it, and were shocked when his health began to improve.

Doctor Thomas Levy author of four books, states Vitamin C is a profoundly effective anti oxidant and helpful in treatment against viruses, bacteria, infections and toxins.

Thanks to Allan’s family’s overflowing love, faith, and pro active support this man was brought back from the edge of death and has his life back. What do you the reader think about this incredible recovery, feel free to leave a comment below.

Disclaimer this article is not meant to advise, or replace medical care, please always check with your doctor before trying any new treatment to avoid any harmful effects.