Making History! Elite Climber Defies Gravity As He Goes Up Niagara Falls?

Niagara falls is an amazing water fall to behold, a natural wonder located on the Canada and U.S. Border. In the summer it is a very busy tourist destination it’s estimated around 20 million people visit the falls every year. It is an awesome and massive waterfall. Tons of gallons of water go over the falls at a rate of 6 million cubic feet every second. When the falls have frozen over in the frigid cold, which is rare, its been an incredibly beautiful sight.

Will-Gadd-11It has been many a dare-devils dream to go over the falls and survive. This however is the first time anyone has dared to defy gravity and go up the falls, ever in history. Will Gadd is known as one of the worlds most elite ice climbers. This video shows his skilled, amazing climb, and in it you can see he gets so close to the water he could reach out and touch it with his climbing tools. The climb took a lot of planning ahead, working with authorities, and was exceedingly dangerous.  Will knew exactly what he was doing keeping himself safe and taking every precaution possible. The video is amazing, you will want to watch it at least twice!