Little Girl Without Arms Is Living Everyday To The Fullest, She’s Proof Life Is What You Make It!

Lacey Merrifield is a popular, happy, well adjusted average 4 year old little girl. That is with one exception, Lacey was born without arms. As hard as doctors searched for a reason, or diagnosis for her condition they could not find one. Lacey’s condition remains a mystery. However that does not stop this little girl from being a wonderful gift from God. She is a true inspiration to anyone struggling in life. Lacey struggles to learn, and do everyday things that most of us take for granted. The way she just takes everything as it comes, and does her best until she conquers it, is truly a valuable lesson for many of us able bodied people. She is proof life is what you make it. She is a great example for others to see that no matter what happens in life persevere, and never give up.