Little Boy Amputee With No Legs, Meets Dolphin With No Tail And Develops Special Friendship.

When people come across another human, or animal that has gone through a similar experience, they have a way of being able to relate, and bond with each other in a way like no others. 7 Year old Braedon Monthony felt an instant connection to, Winter the dolphin that starred in the movie, “Dolphin Tale.” Braedon’s legs had to be amputated when he was a baby. Winter lost her tail because it had gotten lodged in a crab trap. Braedon was anxious to meet the dolphin, and some generous good samaritan’s have helped to make Braedon’s dream come true. We here at Faith are very happy to see your dream has come true Braedon, and we wish you both a long and joy filled friendship!