Kitten Frozen In The Snow And Near Death Is Rescued & Given CPR. What Happens Next? Is Amazing!

When the Bingham family were outside their cabin at Bear lake, in Utah, they had no idea the little ball of fur in the snow was a tiny kitten until their son stumbled upon it. It appeared lifeless and frozen to death. Justin Bingham picked up the baby kitten, and realized it wasn’t breathing, there was no noticeable pulse, but the kitten wasn’t completely cold either.

Justin was a veterinary student, and realized there might be a chance to save the kitten. He began giving the kitten CPR and warming it up. To his credit he didn’t stop until the kitten was resuscitated, and it finally responded by opening its big beautiful eyes. The miracle kitten was very appropriately named Lazarus by the family. We love happy endings, and are so glad the kitten is fine and now has a forever home.