Kids Sing A Message To Their Teacher Battling Cancer. Everyone Fighting It Needs To Hear This!

What these students and director do for one of their teacher’s will melt your heart it is so beautiful! Every year at Public School 22 on Staten Island, in New York, their school’s Epic Chorus has a year end ritual of singing a meaningful song together. Director Gregg Breinberg, and the group decided to dedicate a special song of encouragement to a teacher this year.

Adriana Lopez has been in a hard battle for her life with breast cancer. Her courage had inspired everyone at school, so they wanted to show their support, and how much she means to them. The song they chose was Martina McBride’s, “I’m Gonna Love You Through It.” Their choice of song was absolutely perfect! The sight of them waving their pink carnations letting her know that she matters, is loved, and supported, was so touching to watch the staff here at Faithreel used half a box of tissues. Adriana’s heart strings were pulled by their show of love as she tearfully reaffirmed, “It’s not easy, but I will get through it.” Our message to Adriana, and to the countless others battling cancer is, you are an inspiration to us all, every one of you are so precious, keep your chin up, and never give up!