Kids Barge In On A Live Broadcast & Videobomb Dad, It’s So Good We Watched It Twice!

This was real, and relatable! Robert Kelly thought his interview was going smoothly until his child bursts into the room and wants in on what dad’s doing. Trying to get on with the interview, and ignore this videobomb and more than a little uncomfortable he gently nudges the child back and carries on. However, not to be outdone the baby then makes an entrance too. The absolute best is when the frantic mom comes flying in trying to do damage control. The whole time she’s desperately trying to get the kids out of the room he’s uncontrollably smirking, and we’re at the other end of this situation rolling on the floor laughing.

This was hilarious because at one time or another every parent can relate just in a different way. Children teach us patience, unconditional love, and to expect the unexpected. We do have to give dad credit he handled the situation as best he could while grinning through it all. Our advice if there is ever a next time Robert would be to pick her up, put her on your lap, let her be part of the interview, and you’ll endear yourself to every parent whose been there. We loved this, and invite our viewers to share this with everyone you know and help brighten up their day.