Against Discrimination Kathy Ireland Exposes The Truth With A Clear Explanation On The Most Difficult Issue Of All Time!

Pro Women, objective, and very intelligently scientific is what Super model Kathy Ireland’s opinion is! A firm believer, and supporter of women’s rights, and knowing women are not always being given all the truthful facts about abortion, she is very enlightened! “We cannot be condemning women, they have been so hurt by this,” is a very compassionate, and clear message she stresses.

Seeking the truth she objectively researched, and asked questions from both the pro choice, and pro life experts.  Her in depth medical research led her to discover the fact that, “life does begin at conception, because at that moment the DNA is there, along with the genetic blueprint, sex is determined, even blood type, the unique set of finger prints is there. According to the Law of Bio Genesis all life comes from pre-existing life, each species can only reproduce after itself.” If your looking at the baby as a clump of cells, so is every human being, one just bigger than another at a different stage of development. The argument of it’s a woman’s right it’s her body, also is not totally accurate, or fully applicable. The baby resides in the mother’s body a separate individual, it is not a part of her body. We need to deal with this with love, and real science.”

Kathy has been very courageous in educating people about these facts, and has actually had engagements like shows, and speeches cancelled on her because of her coming forward with the facts and truth of what she has learned.

What is your opinion do you the reader think that Kathy has a constitutional right to share the scientific facts, and truth of what she has learned without being punished for it?  What about those who have cancelled on her do you think that is discrimination?