Man With Dwarfism Triumphs Against All Odds, Must Watch This!

Suffering with Dwarfism, and enduring horrible size discrimination all his life Arif Tambe age 32, stands at a height of only three and a half feet tall. He had basically accepted his lot in life was to be alone. That was until he met, and fell in love at first sight, with his 21 year old new wife Ameena Ahmed, who is two feet taller than him. Arif was bluntly honest with Ameena about the help he would require with his most basic needs, she still agreed to marry him.

Ameena says  “It is God who has created us, matches are made by God, I am happy.” Arif smiles, “I felt like God had taken something away, now he has given something back.”

Against family wishes their fixed marriage went on, against threats of being disowned, and demeaning comments aimed at Arif’s disabilities made by other relatives. Love overcame the odds against them. They reside in Pune India, and are now happy parents of a son. Truly a great inspiration!